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Cardio Training

Most types of cells including the heart, nerves, and brain can only produce energy aerobically.  Thats why its necessary to have a constant supply of oxygen to these cells.  For example, if oxygen is prevented from being delivered to a portion of the heart, that area of the heart suffers a heart attack.  If the brain stops getting oxygen, a stroke occurs in the deprived area.  Nearly all cells in the body require a constant supply of oxygen.  Because of this, the aerobic energy system is the predominant energy system in the body.


A healthy cardiorespiratory system that is challenged by appropriate physical activity and not compromised by a poor diet ensures an adequate supply and use of oxygen for most of the body's functions and oxygen-demanding tissues.  Cardiorespiratory training or aerobic conditioning moves the body toward being a more efficient machine in relation to its ability to carry out everyday tasks and recreation.


Because of this, cardiorespiratory training cannot be ignored.  A well designed cardio program will help delay degenerative changes typically associated with inactivity, develop muscular strength and endurance, increase the range of motion in joints which can improve posture, increase resistance to mental stress, improve overall appearance by helping to control weight (fat) and improving muscle tone, and most importantly create a change in personal health behavior that includes habitual physical activity.  3D Fitness will design a program based on your goals which will be customized to the type of cardio activity performed, the intensity level, and the duration and frequency of each session.




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